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I am this great unstable mass of blood and foam

22 August 1981
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(a girl under construction)
amadeus, ambi, andrew bird, august 22nd, being in love, ben folds five, bill hicks, bookstores, brett dennen, candles, cats, cedric bixler-zavala, club fresno, coheed & cambria, counting crows, creating, dance dance revolution, ddr, denis leary, eddie izzard, enlightenment, existentialism, faeries, falsifying statistics, fire, fleming and john, free verse, geeks, getting wacky drunk, gnosticism, gogol bordello, gorillaz, heather nova, html, hugging, incense, independent films, irish food, jeff buckley, kenton, kittens, kitties, knitting, large hadron collider, legacy net, legacynet, legend of the seeker, leopard print, leos, lessened inhibitions, lj meetups, loney dear, lost, magic, michio kaku, mind expansion, mix cds, mozart, music, mysterious cities of gold, mysticism, nellie mckay, neon genesis evangelion, no pants, not having children, november project, october project, old buildings, paisley, past lives, pdx, pi, portland, portland underground, purple, ramen, rasputina, reefer madness: the musical, rei ayanami, rockstar, rocky horror picture show, rosicrucianism, run lola run, sailor jerry, sake, san francisco, saturday market, saturn, serial experiments lain, shanghai tunnels, shiraz, sinfest, sleeping, snopes, something positive, sushi, the decemberists, the flying spaghetti monster, the fortnight gay, the illuminatus! trilogy, the mars volta, the maxx, the simpsons, the sword of truth, tim powers, today's horrible affliction, tokyo teas, tori amos, tower district, train bridges, tuaca, unagi, unico, van gogh, waking life, yoko kanno